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Après VILLAGE is a place for all the family to get into the Christmas spirit. Wander through our Après VILLAGE to sip mulled wine, select beautiful handmade gifts and enjoy festive treats. See magical Christmas shows with all the family, sing-a-long with our winter choir and pick up some treats in a pop-up market stalls. Christmas is coming...and just like you, we can’t wait.

Après VILLAGE is free to enter, so bring all the family. You don’t know who you might bump in to. Ho ho ho!

What to expect in the Après VILLAGE;

  • Festive family fun from 12pm - 7pm on the dates listed below
  • Food & market stalls including hot drinks, churros, gourmet beef burgers, authentic German sausages and loads more food stalls
  • Christmas grotto with Santa onsite from 12pm - 4pm Saturday 2nd/9th & Sunday 3rd/10th
  • Lots of fun amusements for all the family including a carousel and a big wheel
  • A VR ski experience so you can see if you have what it takes to make it on the slopes
  • An inflatable snow globe where you get inside to create the perfect photo opportunity
  • Market stalls to pick up gifts for family and friends
  • Face painting on the weekend